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The Casita is Finished

We moved in over a month ago, but living without kitchen cupboards or a bedroom closet was challenging. When we began the project, I promised myself not to stress over timelines and delays. This is Mexico and they have their own rhythm, but that old Type A personality kept creeping to the surface, screaming to escape.

I was grateful when the carpenter sent three guys to install the kitchen cupboards on Friday, but the doors were wrong, I’d ordered cedar shaker doors and these were a simple flat surface. It was a clean design but I preferred some texture. More importantly, over time those plain doors would show more scuffs and nicks. To his credit, the carpenter replaced them a few days later.

Friday they returned to finish the job, including by bedroom closet and medicine cabinet

In the kitchen we originally, planned on a wooden bar with LED lights to hang across the ceiling over the counter.

I’d miscalculated, forgetting the top of the upper cabinets would be the same level as the backsplash tile. So, the carpenter needs to make some adjustments to place those lights under the cabinet and began the bar of lights where the cabinet ends Still waiting for that

Finally, we hung pictures, and the curtains on the glass doors between the bedroom and main room.

The only thing left is the pool. which will be completed after the rainy season.

Demolition in the main house began last week and I will post progress in a week or so, but here is a taste of what's happening.

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