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Renovation of the Other Part of Our House in Merida: Part I

Originally built in 1970, the wood detail on this side of our renovation offered beautiful old-world charm. With high double vaulted ceilings, French doors, and box windows, the enormous Livingroom/dining room is prettier than ours. And, since the room opens onto a huge terraza, it perfect for entertaining. I rarefy invite more than two couples, so we plan to rent this side and have moved into the smaller half.

Pool and Terraza in Garcia Gineres
Terraza in Garcia Gineres

The Livingroom Dining room of this side was enormous at 50 M2 (530 sq ft). The only change needed was moving the arched French door doors to accommodate what was done on the other side of that door.

original space
original living room
decorated and ready to  move in
renovated living room

Moving the door allowed me to divide a huge vestibule into a smaller one and create a master bedroom

before the renovation
original vestibule

The Bedroom measures 4.47 x 4.2 meters (15.2x13.6 ft) and the vestibule is 2.5 (8ft) deep.

This new bedroom has a large closet and bathroom, a skylight, and a walk out to the terraza and pool.

after the renovation
new bedroom

For the vestibule, I repurposed two doors from bedroom closets, adding about 20CM of ceder to each end. One opens into the bedroom; the other is a false door. The etched glass has a similar motif as the panels on either side of the solid wood door. these panels create a formal, but welcoming appearance as you enter the home.

after our renovation in Garcia Gineres
new vestibule

The smaller entrance is elegant and functional, with French doors opening into the Livingroom/dining room and a new 1/2 bathroom on the opposite wall.

It has taken me some time to do this post because I wanted to have the house finished and furnished. I will post part II featuring the finished kitchen, two bedrooms and the garden soon. click her to subscribe


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