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Starting Over in Mexico … Again

After losing my job as a pharmaceutical representative, I changed my life. I’d dreamed of running a B&B some place without snow and my husband was ready for a new adventure. We sold our home in Canada, moved to Mexico, and built a six guestrooms B&B in Huatulco Oaxaca.

We opened Agua Azul la Villa in 2001 and loved hosting interesting guests from around the globe. But after Rick’s heart attack, a small remote resort with limited medical facilities became less appealing. In 2010, we panicked, and bought an enormous property in Merida.

This is a beautiful colonial city thirty minutes from the gulf coast. It has excellent health care, a large expat community, and attracts a wide range of tourists. Mexico City was not on our radar since Rick does better at sea level than at altitude, and the traffic can be horrendous. The plan was to renovate a mid-century home into five apartments; four to rent to tourists and one to live in.

We could afford to buy the property, but not the renovations; first we needed to sell our B&B.

Who knew this would take twelve years? It was a paradox. Mortgages are rare in Mexico and those who wanted to run a large ocean view B&B did not have the capital to buy ours. Those did, had no interest in running a business.

In December 2021, after umpteen trips to Rick’s Cardiologist in Mexico City, and several stent surgeries, we sold the B&B. In Merida, we reevaluated our options. We loved being B&B hosts, but after over twenty years, we were ready to retire.

Our Merida property is centrally located and is about 1800 square meters (or 19000 sq feet), with construction of about 650 meters (or 7000 sq feet). Far too big for two people with no children. We’ve decided to divide it into two three- bedroom homes and a one- bedroom casita. Each will have a pool, a garage, and extensive gardens.

I hope I’ve learned enough while building our B&B to avoid some potential pitfalls, and I’ve hired a contractor with whom I feel comfortable. Time will tell.

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