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Now it Begins…

Our plan is to divide this rambling ranch style bungalow into two separate houses of about 300 meters (about 3300sq ft.). The property is on a large corner lot with two separate garages, one on each street. We are beginning with what we call “casa A”, which will keep the original entrance and have a two-car garage.

The builder has begun demolition in the area that currently functions as the service side of the house. The kitchen, laundry room, and maid’s room.

It is an enormous kitchen 6x5 meters and we are keeping a similar footprint, so it was just a matter of removing the floor tile, counters, cupboards and old and appliances.

The laundry room was dark, the floor had several levels to accommodate appliances, and there were a lot of cement shelves and pipes to remove.

I kept the laundry room a similar size, but we knocked out a large window on one end.

A tiny, airless half bathroom sat back-to-back with another little bathroom accessed from the maid’s room. Both rooms were about 4x4 meters. Each bathroom was about 1 -2 sq. meter. This left a utility space between rooms with access to the kitchen.

We are converting these rooms into two bedrooms. We’re changing the two small bathrooms into one larger Jack- and -Jill configuration with just a shower and toilet, but adding a sink and vanity to each bedroom. On the wall opposite this bathroom, just outside the kitchen, there is space for a for a linen closet, washer and dryer. We and pushed all of this and the bathroom forward about one meter into the maid’s room.

The maid’s room opened onto the backyard and we are pushing that wall out to make the bedroom 6 meters long with two windows and a door opening into the backyard.

We’re excited about beginning this project, but as my aunt might have said, “I’m sure it’ll be lovely when you are done, but right now it’s not much to look at.” There is a lot of rubble, but I am confident it will transform into something marvelous. I hope you will follow along with our progress.


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