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Beginning the Casita

A five by ten-meter (about 530 sq ft) cement building was tucked into the north-east corner of the property. Except for a small bathroom and storage area on one end, this was a large open space with an uneven floor. It made sense to push the six meters of sliding glass windows forward since the glass had to be removed while the floor tile and cement was torn out. With a roof line extending enough to accommodate it this, the added cost was minimal, but the extra meter a made the space more comfortable. When completed, my husband and I will live here while the rest of the property is developed. Later it will become a nice vacation rental for a single person or a couple.

Tearing out a wall should have allowed the fridge to sit flush with the pantry, but I neglected to calculate an 18 CM thick wall. I was prepared to lose the cupboard but not the shower and the pantry opening required at least 60CM, so the fridge extends 30 cm into the room.

Setting the kitchen counter along the back wall will provide 4.7 M (15 ft.) of counter, including the sink and stove. Without a window, the sink will need good lighting, but this also leaves more open floor space in the great room. The storage area, just to one side of the kitchen counter is perfect as a panty.

I divided off the bedroom from the combined kitchen, dining area and living room. I believe in recycling anything usable and the main house had an attractive set of arched French doors will be perfect once the carpenter installs them.

The bedroom will comfortably accommodate a king-size bed and two oversized night cabinets that are actually dresser. A nice bright niche for a desk sits in front of the floor to ceiling window with two meters of closet beside it.

The shower had a sliding door that might prove a challenge for anyone with a full figure. So, we removed half of a bench that ran the length of the bathroom to accommodate a 70CM door that swings open. We exteded the bathroom wall to be flush with the glass, providing space for an automatic washing machine next to the sink.

There was a huge pool in front of the casita and we decided to close off a large part of it. We willput a new pool on our side of teh property but for the casita , a pool 4 x 4 meters is plenty. And we are using the deep end to accomodate 2 cisterns that will be conected to our house and he casita.


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