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Before and After Part 3...Two Bedrooms and a Den

 When we bought this house, we loved the ceder and etched glass closet doors that added a touch of an old-world elegance. They covered one wall of the master bedroom and were also in each of the other bedrooms. The closets included attractive ceder drawers with the original hardware, but opening a door to access a drawer could drive me nuts. I repurposed two doors for the other house. The deep hand carved wood over and under the glass was gorgeous, but being practical, I exchanged the wood on the bottom with screen, The humidity in Merida demands that closets have ventilation.

Access to the master bedroom was on the wall opposite the closet, through an accordion door with six glass and wood panels. I narrowed that opening, converting four panels into a pair of French door sand used the remaining panels to cover the shelves above the drawers.

A door out to the side garden was also in rough shape, and since I opted for a walk out in the den a few feet away, I had a vanity built into this space. The vanity sits in front of a window, with the top opening into a mirror.

Even with a king size bed, this is a big bedroom 5 x 5.5 M (16.3 x 17.8 ft).  I shortened the cornice window to sit about 20 CM higher off the floor and placed a large antique desk under it.  

The wood on this enormous window was badly damaged, so I replaced these windows with aluminum, but I kept the cornice and ironwork.

The middle bedroom sat between the master and the kitchen with the only access to the master bedroom through it. As such, it works much better as a den. We repurposed the closet doors for the other house and tucked a desk and bookshelves into the closet space.

I replaced the windows with a walk out to the side patio and garden Both the closet doors, the original wooed window, and the decorative iron bars found a home in the second house.

Our guestroom is at the front of the house on the opposite side of the kitchen, Since the kitchen did not need a bathroom, I reconfigured the opening from the guestroom and converted the original guestroom bathroom to a half bath.

Originally this bedroom door opened though a TV salon. I closed that off and with the three feet gained by reducing the sized of that bathroom, I made a short hallway. This allowed me to use the opening into the original bathroom as the bedroom door.

The extra privacy made a more comfortable room for guests and increased usable floor space in the living room. I kept the wood and Iron windows, so the only change to this room involved moving doors.

The house next door is nearly done, and I will be featuring that in upcoming posts.


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