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Before & After Renovations PART:1 Garden & Terrasas

After two years, we are pleased with our renovation in Garcia Gíneres Merida. Looking back, we have accomplished a lot. Above is our new front terrasa, pool, and garden. Below shows what we began with.

These are some points along the way,,,

Digging the pool was a huge undertaking because Merida is built on solid limestone.

And it left the entire property in an awful mess

We kept the original entrance for the other house (more on that in another post) but we needed to open the stone wall and add a gate for ours.

For our new gate, I repurposed some of the original wrought Iron, and added frosted glass for privacy.

A 7 m (21ft) walkway, and an 8m (26ft) covered terrasa leads from this gate to the front door and our new vestibule which extends beyond the façade. (more about this in my next post)

This is how the area between the wall and the house originally looked.

While it is still a work in progress, it is a big improvement. Eventually sunflowers will grow where the old fencing is currently stacked along the wall.

The walkway from the gate also veers left, leading to a side terrasa and the kitchen.

This section of garden is why we chose this side of the property. The abundant shade from mature trees makes it perfect for our Golden Retriever to enjoy the fresh air, play ball, and roll in the grass. Adding a covered terrasa, similar to the one on the front of the house, made a handy place for breakfast just off the kitchen.

This space seemed rather unappealing, but I saw the potential. ...

While they dug the pool they also worked on our front and side terrasas.

I am happy with both the pool and the terrasas. but my all-time favorite feature of the project is the addition of a pool cascade with an iguana breaking through the wall.

We have moved into our home and are hanging pictures, reupholstering, buying the odd bits of furnishings, and adding final touches. My next blogpost will take you inside to see what we have done there. To subscribe . Thanks for reading this.


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