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Changed Careers to Move to Huatulco

As a golf course superintendent in Wyoming, Dan had a lot of downtime in the winter, so he and his wife were able to travel extensively. In 2011, they spent a month in Huatulco and liked it so much that they returned for a longer period each year, until 2014. That’s when his wife bought a small house and they began to make Huatulco their permanent home. Dan says, “I have a lot of Indian blood and I feel a real tie to Mexico, the people, and the lifestyle.

To prepare for downsizing his life, he moved to Boulder Colorado. There, he studied to become a Massage Therapist while he continued to support himself at a local golf and country club. “I know that my best earning years are behind me but here in Huatulco, I don’t feel I need to chase anything.” Now that he has settled in, Dan has begun to slowly build a massage practice in Huatulco. “I am surprised by how much I was willing to change my life to be here and that I’m able to deal with the structure and limitations. I just don’t worry about anything.”

Dan also finds Huatulco’s Airport convenient. A one-hour commuter flight takes him to Mexico City and from there it is easy to reach Wickenburg. Az. “At the moment I’m one of two caregivers for my mother-in-law, so I go there every other month.”

He says he is not a foodie but appreciates the two large supermarkets we have here as well as the wide selection of freshly grown produce. The security is something else he finds comforting; he can ride his bicycle year-round. He especially loves the rainy season, from May to November, when we have fewer tourists and less traffic.

Santa Maria Huatulco was the original town and is located inland on the opposite side of the airport. They developed the Bays of Huatulco in the late 1980’s and Dan appreciates the convenience of clean water and reliable utilities that comes with a relatively new development. “However, Huatulco lacks the traditions and culture that come with older colonial cities. I don’t really notice it until I visit places like San Cristobal or Zacatecas.”

Dan did not speak much Spanish before they arrived and has done little to change that. He finds that there is enough English spoken to get by

His advice to anyone who might consider moving to Huatulco is to be certain that they can handle the Humidity. The average daily humidity percentage ranges from mid-sixties to high seventies while Boulder fluctuates between high forties and mid-fifties. Coupled with Huatulco’s daily average temperature of eighty-six to ninety Fahrenheit, it’s a bit different than Colorado.

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