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A University Professor

As an environmental activist in Prince Edward Island, Arthur admired several Latin American political writers. This inspired a six-month trip through Latin America where he fell in love with the people. “They reminded me of PEI, in the way they were kind and patient.” Being environmentally conscious, he owned a business that recycled tires prior to moving to Mexico.

In 1994, he moved to Mexico intending to teach. He began as an English professor at UMAR in 1997, and is currently looking forward to retirement, with a pension from the university in two more years.

A year after moving to Mexico Arthur met his wife who was from Guadalajara. Originally, he taught at the Puerto Angel UMAR campus but in 2004, Carmen was offered a position at the Huatulco campus so Arthur transferred to where they could both work at the same university.

Much of Arthur’s time is spent at the university since the hours from 8 to 1 and again from 4 to 7 but he loves his job and feels he has a great life here. With his passion for chess, he founded a chess club at the school which has become a great way to interact with his students.

Art and Carmen rent an apartment and enjoy living in the center of town since you don´t need a car, it is small enough that you can walk anywhere.” He is impressed the way families interact between generations. “They don’t confine themselves to one age group. You frequently see grandparent, and teenagers sitting at the beach singing together.”

Something that has been a frustration to him is the banking system. “I’ve had a credit card with the same bank since 1995 and never missed a payment but the interest rate is still over 50%. In Canada, it would be 7 or 8%. The banks here really squeeze people.”

Art would advise anyone contemplating moving here to try to fit in with local people but also to spend a year or more here before making a major commitment. It is not for everyone.

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