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For the past several years I have been a regular contributor to The Eye, a local glossy  magazine on line and in print. Some pieces from this and a few other other sources are included here.


Celebrate Two Success Stories Together

The eye Huatulco January 2018

Un Nuevo Aamanacer is a non-profit organization that helps children with disabilities. This dedicated group receives very little government assistance and could not exist without the generous support of Huatulco’s residents and visitors. Eighty percent of their funding comes from two exuberant beach parties, held at playa Chachue each winter. 

This year, on January 11, Blues on the Beach will headline Kenny Wayne “Blues Boss”, along with David Rotundo. David needs no introduction to those who have attended previously, he plays a mean harmonica and brings a dynamic energy to the stage.  Kenny is a world acclaimed

American blues,

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Pottes of Ixtaltapec

TheEye  October 2017

When I think about traditional Mexican design, the first image that pops into my head is a huge terra cotta pot filled with plants. This may be a personal bias because I was a potter in a former life. I learned to pot on an electric wheel, never advancing beyond a large salad bowl or a two-liter casserole. Few potters do because it takes so much upper body strength and energy to handle more clay, even if it is added in segments. This makes me I appreciate the amount of work and skill that goes into throwing those enormous pieces.

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The Perfect Income for a Laid-back Life in Mexico

International Living  January 2, 2018

Being downsized from my job as a medical rep for a pharmaceutical company was the catalyst that changed our lives forever. In 1999, my husband, Rick, and I exchanged our hectic corporate life in Calgary, Canada, for a more relaxed one in Huatulco, Mexico. It was here that we built the ocean view villa that became our B&B, and our own perfect income.

I love entertaining, but my hectic career in Canada left me with little time to do it. With a B&B, interesting people from around the world come to us—and pay for the privilege. What could be more perfect?

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The Eye Huatulco  March 2018

The Isthmus of Tehuantepec is the narrowest point in Mexico, but its people may have the broadest minds on the entire continent. Recently, I was privileged to speak with the owner of Bidaani, a shop on Calle Palo Verde. Señora Maria de Lourdes Cristóbal Lopez is from Juchitán and she specializes in dresses typical of the region. When I commented that the Tehuana costume is the most elaborate in Mexico, she agreed. “Tehuantepec women are specialists in embroidery and take exceptional pride in their work.”  

Living in Huatulco, one hears different versions about this matriarchal society two hours south of Huatulco. Lourdes dispelled a few of the myths, Click her to read mor

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There's More to Huatulco than Beaches

Dave's travel corner June 2017

Huatulco is Mexico’s, premier Eco-resort. The nine bays and 36 pristine beaches may be the main attraction, but this tropical resort offers more than just lolling in the water or baking on the sand.

Huatulco is situated in the state of Oaxaca, at latitude 15 on the southern most part of Mexico’s Pacific Coast. This is where the Sierra Madre del Sur meets the Pacific Ocean and venturing into the mountains presents an entirely different experience. With an altitude up to 1300 meters, this area is cooler than the sub tropical coast with considerably different vegetation. click her for more

The Origin of Chocolate

Bite Magazine, Winter 2018

Personally, I can't imagine a world without chocolate, but before Cortez conquered Mexico it did not exist in Europe. In fact, it was centuries later before the confection that we know today came into being. In Mexico, where chocolate originated, it was not a sweet treat, but a bitter tasting beverage, mixed with chile and sometimes with blood. 

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Bays of Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico

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